Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Official!

I just signed the paperwork officially accepting the referral of two girls from Ethiopia. The paperwork says they are 3 and 5, but I am betting they are more likely 5 and 7. They are beautiful and in need of love, food and more love. Unfortunately, I can't post their pictures here until they are legally mine (after I have passed court in Ethiopia). Right now I have lots more paperwork to do and a bit more money to raise. I was able to raise more than $400 at my garage/bake sale last weekend. That was really amazing. Every quarter put in the pot made me smile.
This is an experience that is stretching my faith more than anything ever has, and I don't think I am anywhere close to the hard part yet. The whole process so far has moved faster than I ever thought it would. In early April, I didn't think I would even be able to apply to adopt until September or October (due to a limitation on the number of single moms allowed to adopt from Ethiopia). Here it is August and I have had the social worker come down for my home study and I have done a lot of the paperwork and I have pictures of my kids (that is really weird to say) on my mirror in the bathroom and on the wall by my computer at work. I figure God wants to make sure that I understand that He is doing this, NOT me. He is even raising the money faster than I thought. I am down to needing only about $4-5000 (out of $16,000) for the next step. I can't believe all the support I have been given. Well, I can because God is behind it. I can't wait to see what a blessing my girls will be in the lives of everyone who has helped them get here. Well, it is late and have lots to do tomorrow. I will keep everyone posted. If you would like to see pictures, send me your email address.

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