Saturday, August 22, 2009


I received a DVD in the mail today that had about 10 minutes of video of my girls. It was so cool to see them smiling, giggling, acting shy and doing normal things kids do. But best of all they sang. The little one (who, after watching her, I think is more like 4yrs old) sang for about 3 minutes straight. Something caught her attention while she was singing and she just lit up with the most BEAUTIFUL smile and kept right on singing. The older one was much more shy and I think she still feels that she needs to be "mom" to her little sister. I hope I am able to help her understand very early in our relationship that she can be a kid and I will take care of all the mothering that needs to be done.
One thing I am learning in this process is just how much God loves each of us. The Bible talks about us being adopted as heirs to the kingdom when we believe in Christ. The work I am putting into making these girls my heirs is nothing to what Christ did for me in making me an heir to His eternal kingdom. I hear this talked about a lot on the adoption webboards and stuff, but it is starting to come home for me. If I am willing to lay down my life for two little girls I have never met, how much more does it mean that Christ laid down His life for me who He knows intimately (sin nature and all)? If you can explain that, you are better than I am. All I can do is sit in complete wonder that God saved me and now has called me to be a parent and representative of the Kingdom to these little girls. And by the way, if you are wondering why I do this at all, there is your answer: I am answering the calling God has put on my life at this time.


  1. Well said!

    BTW, still looking for the Amharic word for Grandmother. (It looks like Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia).

  2. I can't spell it out in the Amharic writing, but phonetically it is "set a-yat."