Friday, September 25, 2009


I am currently in North Carolina for the Christian Medical/Dental Association National meeting. The cool thing about this (other than the fabulous meeting and all the cool people I have met, but more on that later) is that my adoption agency, Christian World Adoption, has their headquarters just about a half hour away (just south of Asheville). This afternoon I skipped one lecture section to go see the CWA headquarters and meet with my document case manager. It was really nice to see where all the work is done to make so many adoptions happen. It was also nice to put a face and voice with someone I have only met over email and webinars. I had mailed my dossier paperwork a week or so ago and Michael (the document case manager) told me today that it was approved and gave me the last piece of paperwork that I need to finish the dossier. Now I get to start the authentication process and then get my dossier down to Ethiopia. I also have to go through USCIS (immigration) clearance, but that shouldn't take long. Once I get all of that done and the rest of the money raised, my dossier will go to Ethiopia and then I will wait for a court date. It is pretty exciting. I was going to take pictures today of their offices, but I didn't get a chance to. If it isn't raining too hard, I will go back and get a picture and add it to this post. Tomorrow, I am also hoping to go see the Biltmore Estate and get some cool pictures there. I think it could look cool even if it is raining. So more pictures to come.

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