Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dossier Sent

This is my dossier. It is a collection of documents required by the Ethiopian government for me to adopt from their country. It includes a home study, photos of me and my family, statements from my bank, employer, and local sheriff. I am also required to submit 3 years of tax statements, 3 letters of reference, a letter requesting adoption and a couple of other pieces of paper from my agency. The first two pages had to be authenticated by the State of Montana. Now the whole thing has been sent to a courier (The Assistant Stork) in Washington DC so that it can all be authenticated by the US Secretary of State's office and the Ethiopian embassy.
I am nearing the end of the paperwork portion of the adoption. On Friday I go to get by fingerprints taken as soon as I am cleared by USCIS (immigration) to adopt, I send another piece of paper to my agency and then I sit and wait. My adoption agency will send everything to Ethiopia where it will all get translated and submitted to court. I am also waiting to get the second (more detailed) medical reports. A court date won't be issued until after all of my paperwork is accepted, I accept the second medicals, and all of the paperwork done on the Ethiopian side is submitted. Sort of nerve-wracking to have all of this out of my hands. But Someone much stronger and wiser is taking care of it all for me. I am trusting that God will take care of everything so that the timing all works out perfectly. I will continue to keep you posted as to my progress.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of paperwork! I'm still astounded by all you have to go through. Would be a whole lot easier to just get knocked up. Whoops! Did I say that??!! :) But seriously, you're doing a great thing. Who woulda thunk doing the right thing would involve so many hoops?