Friday, February 5, 2010

Interesting calculation

So my mom told me that from the day I heard about my girls until the day I get to meet them is right at about 9 months. I actually just did an OB Wheel (what we use to figure out due dates and how far along a pregnancy is) calculation and if you use my embassy date of April 6 you get a last period (what we use for figuring out due dates) of June 30, 2008. That is right about when the girls' bio-mom brought them to the orphanage in Soddo. So I may never have a natural pregnancy (I'm fine with that by the way), but I have had a true "pregnancy of the heart." Don't know if this is interesting to anyone else but me, but though I would share.
I am blessed that this adoption process has gone as fast as it has. God really has made sure I knew it was Him doing it. There is no other way this would work. Please pray that I continue to follow His lead and not let myself get ahead of Him.


  1. That is a God thing all the way. Way cool Kristen.

  2. It kind of felt that way, from afar. Cool that the "numerology" works out too.

  3. There are no coincidences with God. Just another way He's making this special for you.

  4. The timeline is amazing! It's going to be equally amazing when your daughters are able to tell you their side of the nine-month story. May God bless you as you wait awhile longer.

  5. Firstly, what you're doing is amazing. I'm Ethiopian and named Kidest so finding your blog is one of those really sweet synchronicity.

    I will absolutely hold the prayer that God continues to guide you, support you, and walk with you in this amazing unfolding.

    You are a blessing and a light in this world.