Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few photos

I know I need to get some more photos up here. The girls are sleeping early tonight. They saw the doctor today and got four shots and a blood draw each. They did great with all of that, but I think they were ready for bed when I put them down at 7:30 (didn't sleep until 8, but that is better than 9). Of course the Tylenol and Benadryl might be helping too. =)
So since they are sleeping and I have a few minutes, I will get a few pictures uploaded from our first days together in Ethiopia.

Here are the four of us together just minutes after we met. Their photobook seems to have been a sort of security blanket for them. It was so well-worn that I bought two new ones when we got home so they could each have one.

This is me and the girls with Sheka, the social-worker for CWA Ethiopia. She is a wonderful woman who the girls just adored.

Here are Kidist and Meskerem with two other girls who came from the same orphanage and were in the same room with them at the care center in Addis. The four of them got to talk on the phone this afternoon for the first time since leaving Ethiopia. It was so much fun to listen to them talk so excitedly in Amharic. I am hoping mine weren't complaining about me too much. I also got to have a long talk with the mother of these girls (we were all at the same guest house too) which was just as wonderful since we are going through a lot of the same stuff.
Looking at these, I can see that the girls have changed a ton just in the last few weeks. They have filled out and their hair has grown a ton.
Now, since they are still sleeping, I think I am going to go escape into a little television. Have a great evening.

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