Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally...an update with pictures

So, it has been awhile since I last posted pictures. A lot has happened in that period of time. So here are some pictures of what we have been doing for the last 6 weeks or so.

I took them to the high school pow-wow and they were very intrigued by these little girls.

Kidist at the pow-wow:

Meskerem at the pow-wow:

They played outside in their winter hats in 70-degree weather.

Papa (my dad) and Ayat (Amharic for grandma, my step-mom) came to visit and a great time was had by all.
Napping with Papa:

They got new twin beds and got to ride the new mattress in Costco:

Papa also built a REALLY cool swing-set/fort:

We went to the Country Fun Day at the museum where:

Meskerem had her first popsicle:

And rode a tractor for the first time:

They have been to the pool a few times (getting ready for our up-coming trip to Chico Hot Springs).

The girls with my good friend Kalah (I just got a new waterproof digital camera):

Kidist under water:

Meskerem under water:

They have "borrowed" mommy's scarves to carry their "babies" around. This is traditionally how children are carried. I think it is great that they do it too:
There is a lot more to share, but I think that is enough for now. If you are still reading, Thanks. I will try to post more pictures when we are home from Chico next week. I go back to work on July 8 so don't expect much after that until we get into our new routine.


  1. We're so excited to see your pictures!!!

    Have fun in Chico! My older brother is coming to visit next week and we will be in chico Friday, June 2.

  2. Great pictures, Kirsten. I'm so enjoying observing your adventures/challenges from afar. I admire you.

  3. Kirsten, I so enjoyed hearing about Del and Diane's visit and love getting to see a few more pictures. Hope I get to meet your sweet girls some time. Love and hugs to you!