Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Nobody loves"

That's what I heard this afternoon during rest time. All morning M had been moody and tearful. She threw a fit at lunch when she didn't get as many chips for her third helping as she thought she needed. I sent her to her room and K went a little later after she finished her lunch. There were some power struggles during rest time and more tears. Later, it was really quiet so I went to check on the girls. When I opened the door, I found M in tears and she said, "Nobody loves." Meaning "nobody loves me." She pointed and me and said "God loves" and then pointed at herself and said, "God no loves." Well, now I sort of knew why she had been moody all morning. Who knows how long this had been brewing. I gathered her in my arms and said, "Yes, God loves Meskerem and Mommy loves Meskerem. Meskerem is loved by lots of people." She said no again and I told her again how she much God loves her and how much Mommy, Grandma, Papa and Ayat all love her. Then she said, "I want to go home." I have sort of been wondering when that was going to come out. I don't blame her for wanting to go "home" and I told her so. She is in a strange country with strange people and a strange language and strange food. Why wouldn't she want to go back to everything she knew and was comfortable with. After we talked about that, I rocked her until she stopped crying and she was fine the rest of the afternoon.
Well, I better close for now. A big storm is brewing out my office window and I want to post this before the power goes out. Please pray that Meskerem and Kidist, but especially M, would know in their hearts just how much they are loved, not only by me, but by their Creator.

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  1. Sounds to me like you said all the right things to her and, combined with the hug and the rocking, it helped heal her soul.