Friday, July 23, 2010

We're doing well

I realized I better put up a new post or you all are going to be wondering if we are doing okay after the last post.
We are doing REALLY well.
Just like this rose (which the girls helped plant), we are blossoming.
I am back at work (loving it and not feeling guilty about that at all); the girls are doing great with the nanny; and we are done with our first post-adoption report. The social worker said he was impressed at how well we were doing and couldn't believe we had only been home two and a half months. Tomorrow marks our three month anniversary of coming home. The time has flown. Oh, we still have a long way to go to completely meld our family, but much progress has been made.
I know you are all wanting some new pictures. Below are a couple from 4th of July. Sorry to my Facebook friends: these are duplicates of ones I posted there. I will get some exclusives up here in a few days after I get them out of the cameras.

Here they are showing off their 4th of July finery:

Here are all my "girls:"
And if you were wondering, Dot is doing great with the girls. Once she got over the initial stress, she accepted them as her kids. I had to stay the night in Billings one night in June and my mom stayed with the girls. She got worried when she couldn't find Dot and found her sleeping on Meskerem's bed. Every morning after we get up she sits outside the girls' bedroom door and waits for them to get up. When they do, she greets them with happy barks and lots of licks.
Thanks for all the prayers during the tough times. I appreciate them. We will have more tough times, but right now I am going to praise God for and enjoy the progress we have made thus far.

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  1. I love updates, even if I do get them on Facebook! I'm so glad that you guys are doing so well. The girls always look so happy, but how could they not with such an awesome mom! Continuing to pray for more successful melding of your family!