Sunday, September 26, 2010

We are finalized!!!!

Last night we had the adoption finalization ceremony at church. The church became a court room for a few minutes. We have a wonderful lawyer who does the paperwork pro bono and the family court judge is a Christian and happy to come to Harvest to perform the ceremony. My girls are now officially Meskerem Rebekah Eyob Morissette and Kidist Elisabeth Eyob Morissette. And I changed Meskerem's birthday so she can turn 7 and not share her birthday with Kidist. I also had my mom, dad and stepmom there to be a part of it. The girls did really well. Meskerem burst into tears when she realized just where we were going to be and how many people would be looking at her. She stopped before we went on stage, but wouldn't look at anyone. Luckily we took a few pictures before hand when she was smiling. Here are a few of the photos.

L-R: Tim Weidlich (pastor), Doug James (lawyer), Judge Russell Fagg, me (holding Kidist) and Meskerem.
One of the few photos where Meskerem was looking at the camera.

Me, giving a brief summary of my adoption journey.
The girls will now be issued Montana birth certificates and I can get them passports and social security cards. They aren't citizens yet, but I have until they turn 18 to get that done. I am done with paperwork for this year. ;-)


  1. Congratulations! So excited for you family! It has been such a joy sharing a small part of your adoption journey with you through your blog and facebook. Looking forward to seeing your family grow!

  2. Congratulations, Ladies! What a wonderful blessing for all. God is good! I too look forward to watch what God has in store for you ladies.