Sunday, October 31, 2010


The girls have had a week full of activities, not the least of which was all of the fun Halloween stuff. On Wednesday, we went to the library for story-time and all the kids were dressed up and they all had their pictures taken in front of the pumpkins and giant spider.
This afternoon, they got to draw their own pumpkins that came from the pile at the library. We had one larger pumpkin that had grown in our garden and they helped me carve that one. They thought it was pretty cool to see it all lit up. Here they are with all the pumpkins including their pumpkin candy buckets. As you can see, they are really into the princess thing.
Then we drove up to Billings to spend some time with friends and trick-or-treat in a nice quiet neighborhood that was very friendly and not scary. My girls really don't like anything scary and I can't blame them at all.
Here they are at one of the first houses. It didn't take them long to catch on to what to do.
It started to rain and the wind was blowing so we didn't stay out very long, but they had a blast. After we were done, we went back to my friends' for chili and soup and lots of fun.

This display was at one of the last houses we stopped at before we went back for dinner. I couldn't resist getting a photo of the "pumpkin bear." I wish I was talented enough to come up with something like this.
I hope you all have had a fun and safe Halloween this year. Now, we can get on to Thanksgiving and Christmas.