Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random recent photos

Here are a few photos from recent days. We are all still alive and doing well.

You know you are a mom when you get tissue paper flowers for Valentine's Day. Best flowers I have gotten in a long time.

Sunset on Valentine's Day

Meskerem with her "snow baby." There wasn't enough snow for a snowman so she created this.
Snow Baby detail

Kidist showing off the words she knows how to write. If you can't read them, they are: my, me, hi, to and Kidist. She was pretty proud of herself.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

So much for New Years' Resolutions

So I was going to try to write at least one post a month this year. I have already missed January. I have lots of pictures to share and a lot of information to share, but I just haven't gotten it up. We have been so busy making memories, that I haven't taken the time to share them with all of you. It also doesn't help that I have been dealing with some depression/stress issues lately. Before you worry, I am doing much better. Quite honestly, medication is making me a better mom right now. I realized that I need to put that out there for some of you. Admitting you have depression and getting help--be it counseling, medication, prayer, exercise, whatever--does not make you a failure. I am so thankful for the good friends that have helped me see that I did/do need help and need to admit it (often). I am also incredibly blessed by the same friends providing the help I need. Having friends who will talk with you and cry with you (and prescribe you medication if needed) is an incredible blessing. So I want to say thank you to all of you, you know who you are, for being there when I needed you most. I hope I can be such a friend to you.
So, now that I am getting back into exercising and sleeping better and overall becoming a healthier person, my plan is to get back to sharing the fun of our lives with all of you. But, for anyone out there thinking about adoption/single-parenting, etc., please be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack. It's tough, but you don't have to be alone.