Friday, June 26, 2009


It is a cool lazy Friday morning. I have the day off and my brother is smoking a beef brisket and pork butt (that's actually the shoulder of the pig). I wish I could convey smells through computers. I just can't describe the sweet, smoky, peppery smell of MEAT roasting. I am drooling already and it is still several hours from done. Here is how it looks inside the smoker. From left to right is pork butt, brisket tip, brisket flat. It looks even better when it comes out.
I am glad it is cool today since we all spent too much time in the sun yesterday. We (my mom, brother, friends, aunt, uncle, cousin and her husband and kids) spent the hottest day this week (>90) on a pontoon boat on the lake at Big Horn Canyon. I will post some photos later (after I touch them up a little), but they don't do it justice. Every time I am there I am amazed at God's handiwork. It doesn't matter how He did it or how long it took, it is still an amazing creation.


  1. Taking after your Dad, I see. Yum!

  2. I can't take too much credit. Peter did most of the work.