Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Dog-a great distraction

I need to keep my mind off adoption ruminations for a little while so I thought I would post some pictures of the best furry friend a girl could have. She follows me around the house and tries to chew on my butter spreaders, but I love her anyway. I picked her up in March of 2008 about a month after my grandmother, Dorothy, passed away. My brother went with me to pick her up. The breeder was calling her Jade, but after we got in the truck he informed me that the dog's name was Dot, and "her AKC name can be Dorothy Elizabeth" (Elizabeth is part of my maternal grandmother's name as well). And so it stuck. She is Dot and she has even grown a couple of spots of gray to go with her name. Anyway, here are a few pictures to entertain you and keep my mind off thinking about small children in Ethiopia.

Here she is the day I got her. She was small and scared and had REALLY long fur.

Here she is a few months older and has had a haircut.

She has gotten quite fast and loves racing around the yard now that I have a fence and grass.

So this is pretty much what she looks like right now. Running around the yard with her tongue hanging out, stopping periodically to nip at the grass.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this diversion as much as I have. Now I am going to bed so I can get up early and start reading. Got a lot to get done before my home study is done on 8/7.

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  1. What a sweetheart! I especially love the second pic, a total puppy and ready to play.