Sunday, August 28, 2011

What have you done with your life?

Earlier today I was talking with a friend about all the things she wants to do in the next few years. She is applying for the FBI and she's already a lawyer, but she is also working on Theology classes and wants to get an associates in auto mechanics. I laughingly said, "Gee, all I did was go to med school. What have I done with my life?" Then we looked over at the table where the girls were eating breakfast. They were holding hands and praying over their meal and thanking God for what He had given them. My friend said, "That is what you have done with your life and you should be incredibly proud." It just reminded me that I need to re-assess my definition of success. The speaker at church Saturday night said the same thing. I may only have two degrees (yes, I realize many have none), I may not always work enough to get a bonus; but hopefully my children will be able to remember having dinner together most evenings, cuddling in bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings andd having a mom present when she was needed most. I also hope that my patients will know that I truly care and that I will take the time I need to take care of them.
So success in my life can't be measured by my bank account, my house, my car or any other material things. Success will be when I stand before God and He says, "Well done. Thank you for caring for my children."

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