Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Photos

I had a friend from church come down and take pictures of me and the girls about a month ago. I am so pleased with how they turned out. You can check out Kerry's other work at her Blog and at the Tracy Moore Photography website. So here are a few for the rest of you to see. These were all taken at our local county museum. It was so nice to have a photographer come to us and take pictures where we were comfortable. It was also nice to get an outsider's perspective on me and my kids. My dad has taken some wonderful photos, but he is just a little biased.

The three of us.

Mommy and Kidist

I really like this one of just our legs together.

My tattoo with the reasons for it.

Meskerem and Mommy


  1. Kirsten, Thank you for the recognition, and can I just say the love you and your girls have for each other is just so precious to see! I am honored to have been able to take your pictures and get to hang out with your girls for the afternoon!

  2. These are beautiful-- you glow with love!!! Congratulations on your family, the joy you've had and the boundless blessings to come!